Introduction to R for statistical analysis (9:00-13:00) (max 17 participants, min 5 participants)

The workshop is devoted to scientists and practitioners with no or minimal knowledge of program (language) R who want to learn this program and to get knowledge about how to do basic statistical analysis in R. The workshop will consist of introduction to R and IDE program RStudio, then codes for basic statistical test will be shown (sample comparisons, correlation and regression analysis, ANOVA, glm). Participants will be given practical tasks to check progress during the workshop.

Introduction to ggplot2 graphical system (program R) (14:00-18:00) (max 17 participants, min 5 participants)

ggplot2 is one of the graphical systems available in program R to make high quality graphics. ggplot2 graphics are made layer by layer providing users possibilities to get different combinations of data representations and to customize the final look. Nowadays there are lot of implementation of ggplot2 system for representation results of different fields/analysis, for example, clustering, ordination, … The workshop will give introduction to ggplot2 graphics – how to start to build your first plot, how to modify data representation and how to give the final look to your plot to get desired result. Participants should have some prior knowledge of R and advisable also IDE program RStudio.


About the Tutor

Didzis Elferts got his PhD in ecology (dendroecology) from the University of Latvia and he is an associate professor of biometry and head of botany and ecology department at the University of Latvia Faculty of Biology. His main scientific interests are dendroclimatology and dendroecology, and he is coauthor of many scientific publications in different fields involved as responsible for data analysis and graphical representation. Didzis Elferts is passionate user of program R with almost 10 years’ experience.